Wednesday, 21 April 2010


hey there name is steve raider im 22 years old artist.. i studied cartooning at george brouwn college of toronto for one year..right now i work in greece as an comic artist!!

my pation for the video-game-industry made me want to participate in the world of heroes and!!..

i love the street fighter series so i developed(the development of :ikteros" till the final version took me over 6 months) a character (ikteros)for the series and this very blog spot is the support site for him..!!

i really want your support and your comments for the character in order to prove to capcom that ikteros can make it to become a part of the street fighter series!!

at i noted seth killian (seth killian is the community manager at capcom)about ikteros and he told me:this look cool.the bad news is that we can't take concepts from fans for legal reasons,witch sucks,but it's a great piece that shows a lot of attention to detail and love for the franchise.would love to see a greek fighter in sf!.best.seth!:

I say that nothing is impossible if you really want it..and i really want it!!