Thursday, 22 April 2010




this is a pose of ikteros that taunts someone into a street fight!!


ikteros had this gorgon from the day that he saw the sanlight for the first one knows why(inqluding him self)!!
it is the source of his powers!!!
the gorgon(a.k.a medusa)is a beautiful woman but instead of hair she has snakes on her head..!!!when ikteros is at peace the gorgon is beautiful and attractive .. but when ikteros is angry and in danger the gorgon deforms and fear strikes he/she who see her!!!

ikteros knee protectors are named boreas and eolos!!!the two strongest winds of the greek mythology!!!
ikteros was found with those when he was a baby!!no one knows how(including him self)!!!

gorgon state is the full power potential that ikteros can reach!!
the gorgon at his back becomes red and also the aura that surrounds him but his eyes remain green!!!when he is at this state he is more quick and stronger than before..he can also throw full energy gorgon blast from his eyes that if the victim get's hit critically he/she will stone-froze.!!at last if someone is going to stop him by force an aura form snakes will come out of his back making the victim regret for trying to stop him!!

i wanted to make ikteros look really cool but i didnt wanted to make him look like a typical ancient-greek guy that the video-game industries doing when they have a greek guy as a hero..he still have the classic meandros-greek-symbol but the shirt is really modern and is something that you could see on the new-york fashion!!!!
he also has the arm protection on his left arm that is really cool too..!!!

this is the developmen of ikteros alt costume3..!!i wanted to be really really old greek style training battle alike!!
he wears a meandros underwear and a meandros arm-breas on his right hand!!


gorgon-furry is one of ikteros special attack..!wen he hits the target he performs various speed kicks.wille he is doing this he stands on the air using his opponents body as a support object!!!!boreas and eolos winds helpd him a lot everytime he performs this move!!!

gorgon-blast is a projectile move of ikteros that he releases a powerful gorgon-shape-blast-power!!!the figure of the gorgon deforms as long as the blast is going away!!
if the enemy get's hit at the early full gorgon form he will take more damage!!
the power of this move comes from ikteros back where he has the gorgon birth symbol!!

boreas and eolos wind wirl kick is a really cool and fast move that is also an anti-air move and that's what's makes it good!!
with the help of boreas and eolos winds he is hiting the oponent while he is rising up him shelf!!!

gorgon stomp is a really good move if you want to have some time to beat up your enemy!!
ikteros is jumping and he lands on the ground with his back!!
the gorgon on his back releases a shock and the enemy trumbles for 3sec.
it wont work if he enemy jumps!!!

ikteros focus is based on his gorgon fighting style!!!

ikteros first ultra move is winds of fury!!
he performs a tackle that is really fast and as the enemy is in the air ikteros furriously spins around him self creating a wind-twister with the help of boreas and eolos that elevates his enemy really high from the ground...he quickly dashes forward and after that he performs a big backflip twoward his enemy...he put's him self in front of the enemy with his back on the enemys stomach...both falling in to the ground the enemy is helpless from the furry of ikteros because ikteros is using the power of the gorgon on his back(gorgon stomp)!!
they slam on the ground with great power leaving the enemy lose a lot of damage!!!


original costume!!!
he stands on the gorgon fight style stance!!
his shirt has the ancient-greek-symbol(meandros)
on his feet he wears knee-protection whith the power of the boreas(left foot)and eolos(left foot)wind!!!

ikteros alt costume is the priest one!!i really love it because is soooo cool!!!imagine a priest that he could kick your ass..!!lol..amazing!!
anyway..ikteros is also a priest at his daily life time..!!!!(he is also an archeologist..)many people dont want him at this position because of his dark childhood past...and also they don't know how he has that big-tatoo-medusa(gorgon)birthmark behind his back..??

this is the final version of ikteros 3d costume..the stance is from one of the most popular and amazing statues of the world..the greek discobolous!!



ikteros a lot of times he wakes up from a beautifull mellody that he hears at full-moon nights..he said that a mermaid tried to take him away but everyone said that he is crazy...every time he sees that mermaid the gorgon on his back becomes really sad....?


!!!!this is the profile of likes and dislikes!!!!
ikteros(his name comes from a disease that when you born your skin is pale-yellow because of bad circulation of blood)
in china ikteros is a small yellow bird that cure's that disease!!!

these are the notes of the character ikteros and the reason that he wants to join the street fighter tournament!!!