Thursday, 22 April 2010


gorgon-furry is one of ikteros special attack..!wen he hits the target he performs various speed kicks.wille he is doing this he stands on the air using his opponents body as a support object!!!!boreas and eolos winds helpd him a lot everytime he performs this move!!!

gorgon-blast is a projectile move of ikteros that he releases a powerful gorgon-shape-blast-power!!!the figure of the gorgon deforms as long as the blast is going away!!
if the enemy get's hit at the early full gorgon form he will take more damage!!
the power of this move comes from ikteros back where he has the gorgon birth symbol!!

boreas and eolos wind wirl kick is a really cool and fast move that is also an anti-air move and that's what's makes it good!!
with the help of boreas and eolos winds he is hiting the oponent while he is rising up him shelf!!!

gorgon stomp is a really good move if you want to have some time to beat up your enemy!!
ikteros is jumping and he lands on the ground with his back!!
the gorgon on his back releases a shock and the enemy trumbles for 3sec.
it wont work if he enemy jumps!!!

ikteros focus is based on his gorgon fighting style!!!

ikteros first ultra move is winds of fury!!
he performs a tackle that is really fast and as the enemy is in the air ikteros furriously spins around him self creating a wind-twister with the help of boreas and eolos that elevates his enemy really high from the ground...he quickly dashes forward and after that he performs a big backflip twoward his enemy...he put's him self in front of the enemy with his back on the enemys stomach...both falling in to the ground the enemy is helpless from the furry of ikteros because ikteros is using the power of the gorgon on his back(gorgon stomp)!!
they slam on the ground with great power leaving the enemy lose a lot of damage!!!