Thursday, 22 April 2010


original costume!!!
he stands on the gorgon fight style stance!!
his shirt has the ancient-greek-symbol(meandros)
on his feet he wears knee-protection whith the power of the boreas(left foot)and eolos(left foot)wind!!!

ikteros alt costume is the priest one!!i really love it because is soooo cool!!!imagine a priest that he could kick your ass..!!lol..amazing!!
anyway..ikteros is also a priest at his daily life time..!!!!(he is also an archeologist..)many people dont want him at this position because of his dark childhood past...and also they don't know how he has that big-tatoo-medusa(gorgon)birthmark behind his back..??

this is the final version of ikteros 3d costume..the stance is from one of the most popular and amazing statues of the world..the greek discobolous!!